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GPS-Tracker (Technisches)

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Just get a Delorme tracjer and be done with it. Two way text communication with any phone or enail in the world, including for SOS situations, plus the ability to stop friends and family worries by providing them with automatic position reports.
The macho types who decry such precautions as silly are merely showing that they lack the imagination to come up with plausible scenarios where such a tracker might be a lifesaver. If they find the americas too soft for their liking then they could come to Australia where there are no cell phone services or other people within a hundred km and where people die within hours after getting bogged of breaking down. Perhaps they only ever travel the panamerica highway so don't see the point of a tracker, but we are constantly in places where thete is no cell phone service and if I was to be injured,and the vehicle out of action then since Betty can't walk more than a few hundred metres, a tracker/communicator might be the only way out - AND you can find those situations within a few miles of any town in any part of the world.

Worst case situation, with 10 minute position reports available, at least they will know where ti come and collect your bodies

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