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Wie soll es mit dem Forum weitergehen? (Sonstiges)

Du+Nica, Sonntag, 27. Mai 2018, 15:56 (vor 421 Tagen) @ Mark

Hi Mark,

First of all, thanks for having created this forum, and for keeping it up.

It's an incredible resource for those doing and planning to do the Panamericana; since we started reading it after a pair of travelers indicated it to us about a year ago, we have learned a lot from reading it and from asking some questions.

So yes, please keep it up.

I do not think the forum needs any software upgrade; it sure looks a little quaint, but it's very functional, light and non-obtrusive (which is a lot more than can be said from most/all the "alternatives): even with a very bad internet connection it's feasible to connect, read and post.

We do not speak German, but Google Translate does a reasonable job of bridging the language barrier for us.

We also do not think moderation is needed: like someone said, it's easy to ignore the eventual idiot, and thankfully I can't remember the last time I saw one around here, on the contrary.

Nonetheless, if you need moderators and the fact that we can't access the forum everyday is tolerable, we can read and write well in Portuguese and English, and reasonably well in Spanish.

Du & Nica.

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