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Welches Fahrzeug für unsere Riese? (Sonstiges)

badabyng, Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017, 13:44 (vor 219 Tagen) @ mkay09

For your choice of rv consider where you want to go: only on good roads? On the beach sand? Up mountain roads ? I have been to Mexico and central america and recommend a 4x4 truck with a pop up camper or even a tent.Higher clearance and 4x4 permits you to get into more remote areas and there are lots of lousy roads to fantastic spots.A pop up keeps the center of gravity low.To get more ideas look at drivetheamericas.com (see roadtripper profiles) or wanderthewest.com (for off road USA stuff). Check out the blogs of overlandtheamericas or the travelamateurs etc. Lots more blogs are out there.

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