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Fahrzeug in D abmelden bei längerer Reise? (Papierkram)

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SG has summed it up perfectly and his advice is also in accordance with the requirements of the Vienna Convention on road Traffic which requires that a vehicle must fully comply with all technical requirements for valid registration back in the home country and the registration documents must be carried. I have raised similar points on English speaking forums and as expected, got the same bravado assurances as muckiveco is coming out with but when pushed to make themselves properly informed, they always agree that what they are doing is flat out illegal ---- and stupid. Their rational is their countries policies give them no choice but to break international laws, but of course they do have at least two other choices - first one is to stay home or limit out of country travel to one registration cycle. Second choice is to buy their vehicle in the away country which I have done in Germany and the USA. Third choice is to buy a vehicle in a country or state that has no technical inspections and allows online renewal. This was what I did for the truck camper I had in S America. It was registered in Montana in the USA

Of course strict compliance with this means few foreigners would be able to travel overseas longer than the validity of their TUV so of course most pretend that somehow all these third world countries have different rules to our first world countries so they will be OK to ignore the realities of driving uninsured. In practice most of them are OK but for a few unfortunates, the result is that although the rules might be similar, conditions in prisons may be quite different.

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