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Fahrzeug in D abmelden bei längerer Reise? (Papierkram)

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Yes, I own a German-registered motorhome so I'm fairly familiar with most aspects of registration, smog test, TUV inspections and insurance. Had it since 2008 so it has been through a few TUV cycles.


But of course we aren't talking about driving it in Germany, or even in the EU are we!.

I have read the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, but I won't bother finding the exact clauses, so I'll just use the summary in the Wikipedia article (already referenced above) on the Convention which states

The vehicle must meet all technical requirements to be legal for road use in the country of registration. Any conflicting technical requirements (e.g., right-hand-drive or left-hand-drive) in the signatory country where the vehicle is being driven do not apply.
The driver must carry the vehicle's registration certificate, and if the vehicle is not registered in the name of an occupant of the vehicle (e.g., a hire car), proof of the driver's right to be in possession of the vehicle.

Seems pretty clear to me that if the TUV or smog test (and maybe the Propane sticker too) has lapsed it is no longer legal for road use in the country of registration because the legal proof that it passed is not on the vehicle.. You might try to argue that in your opinion the vehicle does meet all requirements needed to pass the TUV so that is OK but I very much doubt whether that argument would fly very far. Wouldn't fly if it was back in Germany and that is all that matters. Probably render your Carnet invalid too since your duty of disclosure would require you to inform the carnet issuer. Maybe any personal travel insurance as well.

Of course, you could just carry on and hope your good luck holds out which is obviously what usually happens.

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