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Vehicles seized in Uruguay (Sonstiges)

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Dieser Text aus dem PanamericanaInfo:

Update 06.12.2017
Today we received mutatis mutandis below email from Uruguay
At first it seemed, as if two independent sources confirm the facts. Unfortunately, later found to, that the information comes from a source. So that the information is not verified. The next few days will hopefully bring certainty.

“ALL vehicles from Nueva Helvecia were released, what most already knew, but: Customs has promised, that there will be such an incident does not again.
Much more important: It will change in the future NOTHING the current requirement for tourist vehicles.
In plain English: Vehicles continue to receive a TVIP with 12 Months. The driver can leave the country as he wants.
This information comes directly occupied by the head of customs in Montevideo!”

Was ist nun das derzeitig gueltige Gesetz in Uruguay? Wir haben unser Fahrzeug in Uruguay am 25.11.2017 mit einem TIP mit 12 Monaten Gueltigkeit abgestellt und haben das Land ohne Probleme verlassen.Hat Jemand neueste und offizielle Informationen dazu?
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