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Vehicles seized in Uruguay (Sonstiges)

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More than 1 million dollars vehicles seized in Nueva Helvecia by Customs
September 18, 2017 admin
In a proceeding carried out by the Regional Headquarters of Southwest Surveillance and the Customs Administration of Juan Lacaze, on Thursday, September 14, 18 vehicles were seized with an estimated value exceeding one million dollars.

The procedure was carried out in a hotel of Nueva Helvecia, after an anonymous denunciation received by the National Direction of Customs.
The 18 vehicles seized were of Mercosur origin and origin and did not have the corresponding documentation of entry or nationalization.

- Truck Brand Volkswagen California
- SUV brand Land Rover
- Truck Brand Toyota
- Truck Brand Toyota
- Truck Brand Land Rover
- Truck Fiat
- Truck Brand Mercedes Benz
- Motor home Brand IVECO
- Motor home Brand MAN
- Motor Home Brand Mercedez Benz
- Motor Home Brand Man
- Motor Home Brand Man
- Motor Home Brand Fiat
- Motor Home Brand IVECO
- Motor Home Brand Mercedez Benz
- Motor Home Brand Mercedez Benz
- Motor Home Brand Mercedez Benz
- Motorcycle Honda Honda TRANSALP

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