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Originalpapiere oder Kopien? (Papierkram)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017, 20:31 (vor 315 Tagen) @ @el emigrante

I had laminated copies of registration papers, title and drivers license and used to offer them first with the explanation that they were copies (which is obvious anyway since nobody would ever laminate an original title, or any other docement for that matter because it immediately becomes invalid.). This was invariably accepted.

At borders I used to always give the laminated papers, but also always had the originals in a plastic sleeve which I showed them. Only twice did anyone ever want the originals and that was just a glance.

I don't consider borders as problematic as roadside police stops, but have never had any problems with ransoming papers anywhere.

I do also have original expired licenses and IDPs which I hand out first and they have never been queried either.

License plates - mine have special nuts and I made it harder by filling in the grooves with epoxy so you would need an angle grinder to get them off now. Police in a couple of countries ie Mexico, take number plates off and leave them at the station to pick up once you pay the fine and you often see cars with plates inside and equally many motorbikes running around with no plates at all.

If I was driving a German vehicle with those license plate frame holders that come off in 2 seconds, I would definitely be putting a couple of screws through the body and plate to make sure they stayed there.

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