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Ausreise Mexiko ohne Wohnmobil (Planung)

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In these days of wall to wall computerisation, it is a bit of a fallacy to assume that just because your vehicle isn't mentioned in writing in your passport, there doesn't exist a connection in a database. Mexico is steaming ahead with getting its relationship with US snowbirds sorted out and to stop the rorting of 10 year TVIPs and the resulting thousands of unregistered and uninsured vehicles stashed away all over Mexico and especially Baja.

As always with the games we play trying to stretch the rules, it isn't the ten travellers who have no problems that prove the rules, it is the one traveller who gets caught by the rules and loses a plane ticket. Same with talking one's way through or out of a jam because not everyone has good enough language skills or is persuasive enough to win the day or is lucky enough to strike a compliant or friendly officer..

I merely suggested that people check the current situation with an authoritative source before making expensive travel plans.

Get the same oddball reasoning that says the USA doesn't know about your vehicle coming in because it is not written in the passport and there is no paper TVIP, completely ignoring the bank of multiple cameras installed at every border crossing recording every tiny detail of both vehicle and passengers, no doubt connected to license plate recognition and directly linked to your passport when the officer scans it.

Not a lot different to some border crossings in Eastern Europe where the officer handed us the completed documents as we pulled up to the window based on our registration number recorded three months previously when we went the other way.

As for eligibility for ten year TIPs, I have an American friend who has been to Mexico every year for at least 15 years and has a current 10 year TIP for the second time. Two years ago he was refused entry because the rules were being (selectively and maybe illegally) enforced, and now he is unable to spend winters in Mexico. Doesn't make much difference to him why or how because all that matters is he can't.

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