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campervan (Fahrzeug gesucht)

husarcikovam, Montag, 22. November 2021, 13:28 (vor 319 Tagen)

Hello fellas,

my boyfriend and I are planning to travel to South America from the beginning of January and are in need of a campervan/motorhome. Pick up location preferably in Peru (Lima) or Chile (Santiago) otherwise. Do any of you have a vehicle to sell or do you know someone?

Thank you for any messages and tips.

Best regards,

Maria & Ole



Geo ⌂ @, Santiago de Chile, Dienstag, 23. November 2021, 14:46 (vor 318 Tagen) @ husarcikovam

Hi Maria & Ole,

if offers should come short, because there are some other searches below and our local markets are quite small, maybe rental could also be a possibility; depending on the length of your planned journey, no doubt without a resell value at the end.

You're not indicating other ways of contact, should you be interested gladly contact me directly.

Regards from Santiago (Chile)
Geo Gerd


Mx75, Montag, 03. Januar 2022, 09:14 (vor 277 Tagen) @ husarcikovam

Hallo Maria & Ole

falls ihr noch ein Camper sucht.
mein mercedes vito 113cdi 4x4 ist ab ende April 2022 in Lima verfügbar.

bei interesse Msirius75@gmail.com

salu2 Max


Timo @, Dienstag, 04. Januar 2022, 22:51 (vor 276 Tagen) @ husarcikovam

Hi Maria & Ole,

ich bin gerade in Santiago und möchte meinen VW T4 (4x4) gern verkaufen. Falls Ihr noch sucht, könnt ihr mich gern kontaktieren. Per Email: freedomvanchile@gmail.com oder per Whatsapp +4915221498308.


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