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Mitsubishi L300 fully equipped in July/Bogota (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Our beloved Mitsubishi L300 fully equipped Van will be available for sale in or around Bogota at the begin of July.


- 1994 Mitsubishi L300
- Manual 5-Gear Transmission
- 2-Liter Gasoline Engine
- Back wheel drive
- High Clearance
- Approx. 165.000 km at time of sale

The Van was converted in a camper van by an experienced handyman in Bogota. It has a comfortable bed in the back, which fits two adults. The van has three seats, so it´s a good option for people with a small child as well (or for a third person who sleeps in a tent). Underneath the bed there is a lot of storage and a 65 liter water tank. The fridge, the pump for the fresh water and different lights get their power from a second dry cell battery . The dry cell battery is connected to a powerful solar panel at the roof and to the alternator as well. During our whole journey we never ran out of electricity or cold beer.

You can invert the bed into a sofa and the van offers enough space to cook inside, when the weather is rainy and cold. With the little table and the sink inside you don´t even need to go outside to wash the dishes or brush your teeth. Trust me you will have those days with wind speeds over 100 km/h or when it´s raining like crazy.
Besides the solar panel there is a roof rack on top with a lockable chest.
We have plenty of useful stuff on board which will make your life comfortable and you won`t miss anything. You`ll find a complete list of equipment below.


Before buying the van in Santiago from a couple from the Netherlands, we had a full general revision done by professional mechanics. The report showed it was generally in excellent condition. The last owner made a full work over and also renewed the engine approx 30.000 KM ago. Likewise, we haven’t spared any expense in order to keep it in great shape. Included is an extensive folder with reports detailing the van’s repair and maintenance history.


If you’re looking to really experience vanlife in a reliable car that will get you from Colombia to wherever you're heading, a Mitsubishi L300 is the way to go. Several mechanics have independently told us that these cars offer great value for money; they're really easy and affordable to repair and find parts for; there‘s no software involved as opposed to more ’modern’ vehicles, and Japanese cars (especially vans) are driven all around LATAM. Honestly, after driving this van through whole LATAM and experiencing how well it holds up on the road, we will likely be looking to buy a similar one back in Europe.

When you buy our Van in Colombia you`ll get the legal ownership, which gives you the power to sell your car via a Poder-Construction for example in Chile or other LATAM countries, as well. We had this Poder construction at ourselves and just want to mention, that it is an absolutely common way to sell cars here, and we never had any issues with border crossing or police controls.
Price: $7500 USD negotiable(or equivalent in EUR to be transferred to our German bank account)

Specific pictures can be provided upon request, because this forum doesn´t permit me to upload pictures.

Special features:

• Rooftop solar panel

• Dry cell battery

• Power inverter

• Refrigerator + freezer

• 65L potable water tank

• Electrical water pump and sink with automatic running water

• 2 ceiling strips of LED lighting

• USB and regular power outlets (110 V) that allow you to power/charge multiple appliances at once

• Foldable camping table

• 2 Foldable camping chairs

• Double-burner gasoline camping stove (Coleman 425 Dual Fuel)

• Bed linen (sheets & duvet/comforter) + 2 pillows

• Kitchen towels

• 20L Metal army-style jerry can

• Hand-pumped camping shower

• Aluminum kitchen ladder

• Funnel with filter

• 2 Meter rubber hose & faucet connection piece to fill water tank

• Car radio with USB port + separate USB speaker with Bluetooth connectivity

• 2 Additional lamps (USB connection)

• Electrical fan for hot weather (USB connection)

• Large tarp with poles for outside shade/shelter

• Attachable/detachable mosquito nets for the windows

• Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, tupperware, etc.

• Pots, pans, thermos & french press coffee maker

• Cutlery, knives, cutting boards

• First aid kit

• Toolbox (incl. wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, screws, nuts, bolts, duct tape, etc.)

• Hand axe

• Foldable shovel

• Jumper cables

• Jack & spare tire

• Tow rope

• Hand axe

• Foldable shovel Jumper cables

• Jack & spare tire, tow rope

• Clothes line, assorted ropes, string, etc. Badminton set

& lots more useful stuff... In other words, the van comes with a full set-up that will allow you to hit the road immediately

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