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FOR SALES Toyota 4runner RTT / Santiago / Now! (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

happyyeji, Freitag, 15. März 2019, 22:21 (vor 101 Tagen)

Hi, we want to sell our beloved vehicle&home Toyota 4 runner which has taken care of us so well during our trip.

Back in the time we chose the vehicle for traveling SA, we thought SUV would be better than a camper for us because we will drive a lot especially on a lot of tough and unpaved roads. And so far I think it was a good choice. Combination of SUV and a roof top tent was ideal for us as a young and adventurous couple. And since this has back seats we could give a ride to our friends and split up the gas.

Car specifics and a brief summary of the equipment coming with the car below.

- Location : Santiago de Chile
- Date : from now - Early April
- Price : USD 9,950 (negotiable)

*The Car*
- 2009 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4.0 Automatic
- Chilean plates, 2 wheel drive with low gears (managed significant off-roading comfortably)
- High clearance and specialized suspension
- Odometer: 231,000km (this is not much for a 4runner. It will be about 233,500 at the end of our travel.)
- Air conditioner, heater works perfectly.
- Circulation and obligatory insurance valid in Chile until March 2019
- Revision Technica completed and car is valid until October 2019

1. Rooftop tent - large space for 2 adults and maybe one kid. Very easy to open and close. Sturdy and warm in severe weather. Comes with mattress, double duvet(so warm!!), two pillows and every covers.

2. Awning - useful when it rains or when you wanna make a shade to chill.

3. Custom storage in the back (back seats still remain) *Construction can easily be removed*

4. Six variable size storage containers.

5. Full Kitchen set for four people: camping cooking stove, plates, bowls, utensils, cutting boards, coffee maker, cups, pots, pans, fold up salad bowl, wine&can opener, grill, etc.

6. Small 12V Cooler

7. Trekking: 2 person tent, trekking poles, Doite transportable cooking stove with extra fuel, two light-weight sleeping mats, one sleeping bag.

8. Tools: Packed tool-box, air compressor, axe, shovel, jack, saw

9. Extras: Inverter from 12V to 220V(for charging your phone, camera or whatever.), Hammock(so new), camping lights, fishing rod/reel/lures, 3 deck chairs, table, 20L water canister, ratchet straps, fire extinguisher, traffic cones, medical kit, two towels, steering wheel lock.

If you are interested, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Link of pictures : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bPQKNgJeJvF3PfijwqwSDMcCSY7FUeme?usp=...

[Yeji Lee]
Email : happyyeji.tv@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +45 81 94 62 59

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