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Mercedes Benz Sprinter James Cook For Sale in Buenos Aires (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Christian: no one is an idiot when discussing what is allowed and what is not. The rules are very simple and apply in one way or another all over the world: an unregistered vehicle cannot be legally driven on the road.

Of course there are original papers if someone previously reported them as lost or stolen. But if he then deregisters the vehicle with the new papers (to "save" money), the old papers are worthless because they are left over from a crime. It's the same in Germany and the same everywhere else. If that's not the case, everything is fine and nobody needs to get upset. Nevertheless, it is important for everyone else to know what can happen when you want to buy a car abroad.
BG Rainer

Yes, you are right. I do apologize about my public discharge. I felt this other person (whoever he/she is) was just trying to prove me wrong instead of constructively mention obstacles like you and others did. You just can't come into someone's selling thread implying that what is being sold is trash and illegal without providing more details, and when you do it is false information. I found that biased and mean, and I still don't understand the motives. But again, I apologize to all third parties for such sad and low level exhibition.

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