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Adriaan1960, Dienstag, 02. August 2022, 15:42 (vor 181 Tagen) @ dunrai

To clear up some questions about the German Paperwork(I live in Germany), a few words to the wise:

Every German Motorvehicle has two Registration Papers: the so called Fahrzeugbrief and the Fahrzeugschein.
The "brief" is about DIN A4, contains all Data concerning the Vehicle, the previous and current Owner. Color Green. This one is normally at home, it is not necessary or advisable to carry it with you in your car.

The "schein" is also Green, and is the one which contains your License Number, Name etc, what Tires are allowed, noise and pollution class etc. This one have to be in the vehicle at all times and is the one that you present the Police if asked for the Registration of the car. Size is about one third of a DIN A4 sheet.

So far, so simple. And yes, there is a but.....

German registrated vehicles must have a valid TÜV(Technical Check) every two years, heavy trucks more often. Gets you a ticket when it is overdue. Problem: the Registration Office accepts ONLY the check from a German TÜV.

This is one of the big problems if a car has been outside of Germany/European Union for a longer time and the TÜV is no longer valid. There is ABSOLUTELY no way the register the car in your name if you do not have a valid TÜV - which is a "small" problem when the car is f.i. in Mexico.

You might be able to convert the ownership on the Fahrzeugbrief, but not on the Fahrzeugschein which is necessary to use the car on public streets.

And there is the next little trap: all the International Treaties that allow you to drive you German(or elsewhere) Car outside of its home country, have one thing in common: the vehicle has to be registered and can be legally driven on the road in the country where it is registered..

The Mercosur and other Insurances you need when traveling also demand this without exemption. Which means legally the insurance is not valid..... Now you think: who cares, they will not find out. Well, maybe as long as you cause only a few bucks damage. If you cause a real bad accident, in the worst case with people killed, then forget this. In this case Police and afterwards your Insurance company will most definitely check every little thing. Do you really want to find out what happens if this accident happens in the USA and the Insurance company backs out because of the false Information you gave them?

These are the most important issues when you buy a German registered Vehicle outside of Germany, so take care what you do. I think the only legal, problem free way to get around this is to officially import the car in the Country where you buy it and get lokal Numberplates.

And that is also not so easy...


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