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Mercedes Benz Sprinter James Cook For Sale in Buenos Aires (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Jamesyy, Sonntag, 31. Juli 2022, 07:23 (vor 184 Tagen) @ Andean Roads

Andean - not sure what you are actually trying to achieve. It seems you are somewhat upset. Anyhow, as you are insisting let me be a bit more straight:

You state you sold the vehicle, presumably at an inflated price. It’s been traded for around 10k before. Hope you fixed fridge and heating. Back then the van still had carrier boxes, though. Any thoughts about auxiliary batteries? A 5+ year old lead battery won’t get you too far. Not even talking about 20+ years old solar panels. And by the way: There are issues with the transmission, it’s rings are seriously worn down. Changing these sucks badly. Hard to get spares, you will have to fly them in from Stuttgart. You can’t just forge these parts in Bolivia, like some of the spares used to fixed the suspension.

We could go on here for ages, but I guess you get the picture: An almost 30 year old van with 10+ years of Panam and it’s fair share of ripio is a sure way to see a mechanic every month or so.

The reason for my post was to make people aware that it is a travelers van. These vans have their very own standards when it comes to documents and change of ownership. That’s about it, didn’t mean to state anything more.

But as you insisted on being inquisitive, here we go: This van is running on badly photoshopped fake documents, and there is NO way to transfer these docs without substantial risks. The only way to go would be a completely new national registration, but you’d have to deal with import taxes.

The vans serial is in every border crossing database on the continent, and if some official decides to be a dick, you will be in trouble. That may well happen in Argentina: When leaving the country an official once asked us about the real documents - which we obviously couldn’t provide. He just nodded, and stated: If it was good enough to enter, I won’t force you to stay. Buen Viaje.

I personally believe changing plates and docs at UY crossings still does the job, but any buyer should be aware of the implications.

Not sure what you told the buyers or how you facilitated the transaction - would you mind sharing some details?

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