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Camper van for sell in Vancouver BC(Ford E450 converted bus) (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

mkay09, Mittwoch, 07. Juli 2021, 17:22 (vor 79 Tagen)
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Ideal camper van (converted bus) for families with child and/or dog(s).

We are selling our much loved bus that we purchased, registered and insured in Vancouver, BC Canada in April 2019. At the time of purchase the bus had a mileage of 260,000 km. We drove the bus a total of 40,000 km once completely from Vancouver Island to Halifax. Afterwards we went down the east coast of the USA to Florida. Via Dallas and San Antonio we finally entered Mexico and drove to Tulum.

Our bus is in a very good condition. Repairs were always done immediately by a professional garage (we kept all receipts) and the oil change and oil filter change were done every 8,000 km to 9,000 km.

Here you can find a video from inside the bus. You can find more pictures on our Instagram account: @two_and_a_half_vagabonds

Now a few details about the bus, about the technology, equipment and storage space possibilities.

About the bus:



Storage space:

We are asking $23,500 USD (29,500 CAD).

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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