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4sale: Toyota 4runner 2004 Ende März in Santiago (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Andreas2011 @, Sonntag, 02. Februar 2020, 21:43 (vor 22 Tagen)

TOYOTA 4runner SR5 4WD
- available END OF MARCH in SANTIAGO
- 2004
- 198.000 - 199.000km (end of March)
- 4WD
- gasoline (better than diesel in high altitude)
- chilean plates
- bed platform inside
- used as campervan only for last 3 months!!!
- well maintained: no rust, filters and oil changed according to service plan

Price: 5.500.000 CLP or 6500 €

We bought the car from a family in Santiago in January 2020. Before the car was used as a family car, not as a campervan. A bed platform was installed inside (professionally done by Suzi Santiago) and we fully equiped the car as a campervan. Thus the car will only be used as a campervan for 3 months when we sell it at the end of March. The same applies to all the equipment (see follwoing) which means everything is almost new.

Sleeping equipment:
bed platform incl. matresses, pillows and bed sheets, curtains (for privacy!)

Cooking equipment:
big pot, large bowl, sieve, 2 small bowls, knifes, forks, spoons, large cutting board, cup

Camping equipment:
- 2 chairs, table, 5 boxes of different sizes which fit unter the bed platform (for equipment, food and clothes)

Car equipment:
compressor, fire estinguisher, spray for flat tyres, first aid kit, starter cable, racket straps (all new from January 2020) jack, tools for changing tyres, trailing clutch (removeable), roof rack, 3 fuel canisters (20l each), spare tyre (new)

Payment / buying process:
Alternatively to cash, payment could also be done in euros by an IBAN bank transfer. This would save exchange fees.
As we are customers of Suzi Santiago, they will help us with the burocracy of the selling/buying process.

Whatsapp: +49-176-41040024
We will answer to all of your questions but please understand that this may take a few days because we are travelling and internet coverage is not always the best in Chile/Argentina ;-)

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