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MITSUBISHI L300 FOR SALE FEB-MARCH 2020 in Santiago Chile (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Michael Gaehwiler @, Santiago de Chile, Freitag, 04. Oktober 2019, 18:25 (vor 112 Tagen)

Hello futurs Overlanders,


We are selling this van with which we have the chance to travel since 6 months!
Picturesavailable via whattsapp (+41 76 693 29 53)

- MITSUBISHI L300: year 2014
- About 115000 km at the time of sale: still can change a little
- Price: 8500 dollars (to be discussed)
- Very good vehicle maintenance according to official mitsubishi recommendations:
 Change of timing belt at 85'000 km
Draining done every 5000 to 8000 kms
 Filter changes (gasoline, oil, air) is done regularly.

- History of the entertain made by the former owners and ourselves

- Gasoline engine, consuming about 10L/100 km (50l tank)
- Simple motor with propulsion, without electronics, making it easy to maintain.
- Repairs possible throughout South America
- High enough to pass most of the slopes, even on big climbs (experiments done)!

- With the appearance of a van, it allows you to remain discreet in the city centre.

- Official technical review will be done before the sale. If necessary, we will have it serviced in a garage of your choice.
- Permit valid up to 31.03.2020
- 3 front seats (we have a 2yo child in an autoseat)
- 1 spare wheel

Layout :
- We are a family that are travelling with our 2 year old child throughout South America. With its practical layout, you can sleep for two and contains an additional and separate baby bed (which can be easily removed if necessary).
- Stove with a large gas bottle
- Roof grille with welded metal boxes

- Negative point: Little rust stains (bought like this)

Here are the basic details, of course the price includes all kitchen equipment, bedding, (also baby seat and stroller if needed!)

For more information, please contact me via whattsapp (+41 76 693 29 53)

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