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FOR SALE: Nissan sleeping van, September in Ushuaia, 3000€ (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

lenacavatica, Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019, 22:11 (vor 33 Tagen)

Hello everyone, we are an Austrian/German couple on our way down to Ushuaia and we would like to sell our sleeping-van around September

Quick facts:
- Nissan Quest 2006 (US-Production) with a 240hp, V6 3.5l gasoline engine, silver
- Fixed price: 3000 €
- The registration process through a US agent is another 350-400€ but completly legal and open to non-US citizens
- Onboard gear includes: Camping stove, cutlery, frying pan, pot, plates, fire extinguisher, showel, camping table and chairs, extra gas tank, ALL the mechanical tools in the world and a kite...
- Available from around September 4th

The car is equiped with a custom made bedding system that can fold over the back seats. Sleeping is very comfortable and even tall people fit in easily. The 240hp engine is extremly strong and reliable, we have driven the car up to 4.900 meters altitude on a gravel road and it felt like a walk in the woods. The vehicle is being maintained carefully, recent replacements include the two dampers of the front suspension, all brake pads, oil and air filter and the steering bearings. The car is registered in Washington state and we would transfer ownership there via mail. This is the simplest and least time-consuming way to purchase a car in South America legally. There is heaps of equipment, tools and gear that we would sell with the car included in the price above.
Our flight out of Ushuaia leaves on September 6th but we could store the car safely for some time until you arrive.

If you are interested, or would like to get additional information/photos, send us an email: lena.cavatica@gmail.com

All the best, Lena and David


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