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TÜV abgelaufen - Rückkehr nach Deutschland (Sonstiges)

Sg, Dienstag, 12. März 2019, 10:50 (vor 442 Tagen) @ IVECO Tony

In Germany, contrary to the US and other countries, the registration doesn´t have to be renewed. Once you have bought a car and it is registered in your name it will remain to be registered until you sell it and the buyer registers it in his name. You need prove of TÜV for these registration processes. If the TÜV expires, the registration and insurance remain valid. Registration can only be revoked if you do not maintain insurance. Expired TÜV does not revoke the registration. If you drive the car with expired TÜV in Germany you can be fined (60€ and 1 Point) for driving with an expired TÜV. Driving without registration and insurance would be much more expensive and a really serious offence. I hope that clarifies matters.

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