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for sale toyota Land Cruiser in Mexico Nov-Dec. 2018 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

spoti, Montag, 23. Juli 2018, 09:05 (vor 214 Tagen)

We are now in the end of our travel from Ushuia to Alaska and we sell our Toyota Land Cruiser in Mexico or USA in November or December 2018.

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, 1999, 3.0 liters Turbo Diesel (only 9 lit. for 100 km)
Registration : Switzerland
All the services made by Toyota dealers (oel change every 7'000 km)
Delivery with all Tools, air-compressor, 2 jacks (1 jack 12 tons), solar pannel
Kitchen ustencils, gaz stove, 2 chairs
Bed 100 x 190 cm (very good matress $500.-)

Price $ 5'000.-

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