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SA & Panamericana: doable w/ a travel trailer? Pros & Cons? (Sonstiges)

Du+Nica, Samstag, 07. Juli 2018, 18:54 (vor 289 Tagen)

Hello Everyone,

We are considering touring South America (specially Chile and Argentina) and later doing the Panamericana all the way to Alaska on a travel trailer. Main reason is that we are able to get a Nissan D22 Diesel double-cab 4x4[1] plus a Palomini 177BH[2] for less than half the price of a equivalent Ducato motorhome.

The problem is, we have some experience camping and driving in motorhomes, but none in a truck + travel trailer. So we'd like to ask you knowledgeable folks for your input: is SA & Panamericana doable with a travel trailer, specially the ones we depicted? What would be the cons and pros, gotchas and issues?

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Navara#Chile
[2] http://palominorv.com/product-details.aspx?LineID=373&Image=15364&Mod...

Thanks in advance,
Du y Nica.

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