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SA & Panamericana: doable w/ a travel trailer? Pros & Cons? (Sonstiges)

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You wouldn't be the only one on the trail with a travel trailer but they are rare.
On the face of it, being able to park the trailer in a campground and head off in a 4wd with basic overnight camping gear exploring the general area makes a LOT of sense. You will also probably have more luxurious and larger facilities than in comparable motorhomes.

Against will be more complications at borders so you would need to research that, but we met a couple of people who were dragging trailers so obviously their problems were not insoluble.
Getting across the Darian will obviously be more costly and security of the trailer might need to be beefed up for RoRo.

Brakes will need to be 100% sorted out because there are steep downhill runs that go on forever - and of course similar uphill runs as well.

Then there is the ruggedness of the trailer construction. US design and build intended for 99% bitumen roads and very brief periods on nice smooth gravel roads at low speed. Mostly no problems if you stick to the main highways which are nearly all fairly good to excellent quality normal highways. Argentina has some stretches of "road under repair" that will test things out fairly well and stone damage to both vehicles will need to be sorted out. Brazil also has some doozies of main highways in some areas (pan Oceanic in from Peru across the top of Bolivia) and sections can be more potholes than bitumen so care will be needed. Mexican Topes will be a severe test of the chassis unless you stick to the toll roads.

Without seeing the trailer chassis construction, and how all the furnishings are fixed on the inside, or even whether it has shock absorbers fitted predicting how it will handle the journey is hard to judge. I did see several class A motorhomes down south - as well as a heap of European class B and C motorhomes and they all survived as you can see at https://get.google.com/albumarchive/114611728110254134379/album/AF1QipPalci4W...

Tony Lee
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