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Suzuki Vitara 2003 - 4x4 - Perfect Condition - July in Chile (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Lior @, Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018, 21:20 (vor 252 Tagen)

happy for fellow travellers to be the next owners to enjoy this wonderful car.

Where: Chile. When: Early July.

- Chilean plates, Paperwork up to date.
- Manual transmission, 1.6L gasoline motor, 4x4.
- Mileage: 140,000Km.
- Inspected by certified Suzuki mechanic. Very well maintained, (Oil
changes, oil/air/fuel filters, new timing belt, new spark plugs).
- Brand new tires.
- Fuel Consumption: 14Km/L.
- Air conditioning.
- Radio (USB, AUX, tuner).
- Security measures: New alarm system, hidden kill switch, anti-theft mechanism, steering lock.
- Additional equipment: Spare keys, air compressor, jumper cables, spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher, safety vest, triangles, first aid kit.
- It is possible to fold the back seats and create a large flat surface, comfortable for storage.

We had an excellent experience driving on and off-road. we were able to get any place we wanted without a problem and enjoyed long comfortable drives. The car is suitable for a couple or a solo traveller.

Price: 6590$

For more information feel free to send us an e-mail:liorfine@gmail.com.

Lior & Yael.


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