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For Sale: Toyota RAV4 with rooftop tent, kitchen and shower (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

family2go, Dienstag, 08. Mai 2018, 00:34 (vor 18 Tagen)

We are selling our beloved Toyota RAV4 with rooftop tent, kitchen, shower and full camping setup by the end of May in Santiago de Chile!

Model: Toyota RAV4 4x4
Year: 2008
KM: Currently 155.000 km - will be on about 157.000 km at time of sale
Fuel: Gasoline (SP95)
Options: Aircon, Alarm, Central locking
Full Camping equipment included:
" Rooftop tent in a very good condition and very easy to fold up
" Shower (with Waterpump!)
" Kitchen with a sink and a dual burner camping stove - uses propane gas 5L
" A small fridge (12V) to keep some drinks cold
" Campingtable (Collapsable table)
" 3 Camping chairs
" Cooking-equipment (2 Pots, 1 Pan, 1 Espresso-maker, cooking set, 1 mixer)
" 4 cups, 4 bowls, 4 dishes and cutlery for 4 persons, tupperware
" Pizza tray, mixing bowl, chopping board, BBQ-grill
" 2 sleeping bags
" 1 blanket
" 2 plastic boxes for organizing
" 2 kids chairs
" 12V Battery charger - also for devices like mobile, mp3-player, cameras etc.
" Steering lock
" Gasoline tank 5L
" Water tank 10L
" Safety kit (compulsory in some countries - includes fire extinguisher, triangle etc)

Asking price: 5.500.000 CLP or 7.400 EUR or 8.900 USD
Contact: martin-friedl@gmx.net or whatsapp: +436506339073
If you need any additional fotos, details or if you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me!

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