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Lohnt sich Brasilien? (Sonstiges)

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No reason, other than perhaps we have plenty of beaches in Australia, and our route and timetable just didn't make it convenient. If we had gone to or from Uruguay we probably would have gone up the coast. We went Argentina to the falls and then because it was so hot when we got into Brazil we gave up and headed west into Bolivia instead of heading North East. Next time we came in from Peru to Brasilia, drove north for a couple of days and then swung around west and south to Pantanal and then out into Bolivia again.

For us it is one of the more expensive and inconvenient places to get into because visas are expensive and we went in three times and then we had to go to an embassy to get the visa.

If the Colombia Venuzuala border was to open for vehicles again AND Ven got itself out of the huge mess it is in, then Brazil would be a bit more attractive as it would allow a big circle trip, but even then most people just go from N to S of the whole americas and Brazil requires a pretty big detour without having many iconic places to visit. Falls and Pantanal of course, but cities have no attraction for us. Bit like Australia - big distance between relatively few major attractions

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