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Reason I asked was because friends in France were not able to buy and register a german registered vehicle and would have had to import it into France and pay duties. However one of the couple had German citizenship so she was able to buy the vehicle easily but it has to be garaged in Germany. If the same sort of restrictions applied to you - maybe even more so because you are not even EU citizen, then it might be difficult to get registration in your name even on a French territory. Similarly, we own a German motorhome but we have to use a proxy to register and insure it because we aren't allowed to. At another time I was going to buy a big truck from a Swiss family in South America but found out that ownership by us just wasn't possible, so that plan didn't get very far off the ground..

I agree that driving around on a poder is far from ideal either even though many do it for years and somehow find people who are willing to "buy" a vehicle from someone who doesn't legally own it.

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