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zu verkaufen: 1984 VW Westfalia (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

camerivan, Montag, 26. März 2018, 02:54 (vor 31 Tagen)
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After our journey of a lifetime from Canada to Chile (8 Months, 13 Countries and 23’500km) we finally have to say goodbye to our beloved Volkswagen Vanagon T3.
Built in 1984 with around 296’000km on the body (by the end of our trip) it has seen the world but with its new 2.1 water cooled engine (30’000km) and a lot of other improvements it is still the perfect camping van for any kind of roadtrip. On our journey we had no problems what so ever and the van not only has become our home but also a very reliable friend who again and again surprised us on how strong and indestructible it is. The van is not only fully equipped with every thing you need (see list below) but also comes with a spacious cargo box (Yakima Skybox 21) and a powerful external battery with solar panel (GoalZero Yeti 400, Boulder 100). The ride is very smooth and comfortable. In our experience it was possible to drive 500km in a day during daylight and still comfortable to drive with 120km/h and even more. During our trip the engine never overheated.

Technical specification:
- R+R engine + overhaul, converted fuel system to 2.1, installed GoWesty 2.2 P/C set
- 4 cylinder
- Gasoline
- Manual gear shifting

In November 2017 we did some major repairs in San Diego by SouthWesties.com:
- New ignition coil
- New gear shifting
- New radius arm and drop link bushings
- New Hancock Mantra LT RA18 195/R14C tires

We can also provide some spare parts:
- AirFlow Meter
- Fuel filter
- V-belt

The interior is set up for camping:
- 4 seats with security belts
- Pop up roof that sleeps two or provides good headspace while cooking
- Pull out bed that sleeps two
- Kitchen with double gas stove (build in gas tank), sink with 40L water tank and fridge
- Turning the front passenger seat makes it very spacious
- Flip out table
- Lots of storage possibilities
- Good Radio and Speakers (Stereo) Bluetooth and USB outlet
- House battery with converter
- Built in double USB ports and 12V outlets
- Additional outdoor gas grill and Cooler running over the 12V outlet
- Easy to set up sun tarp, two comfortable camping chairs and small table
- 20L solar shower bag
- All you need cooking equipment (pots, pans, tableware and cutlery)

We can provide repair invoices from the last three years and a proper car title. The van has Canadian plates.

to see our van from in- and outside:
YouTube Video "Vantastic"

SELLING DATE & PLACE: End of May 2018 - Arica, Chile

If you wish more pictures or information please let us know.

Contact: mail.camerivan@gmail.com

zu verkaufen: 1984 VW Westfalia

xeon @, Donnerstag, 12. April 2018, 11:23 (vor 13 Tagen) @ camerivan

Do you have any price tag yet?

zu verkaufen: 1984 VW Westfalia

camerivan, Freitag, 13. April 2018, 16:01 (vor 12 Tagen) @ xeon

Sorry, totally forgot to mention that. The price is USD 14'900 - negotiable. Meanwhile we also replaced the house battery and the rear breaks as well as the air filter.

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