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Well-maintained white German Alkoven motorhome (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Paula, Sonntag, 18. März 2018, 14:30 (vor 38 Tagen)

Well-maintained white German Alkoven motorhome on Ford Transit Chassis for sale.

Pickup location Santiago de Chile end of April 2018 
Built 7/94; 190000 kilometre, rear-wheel drive, diesel engine with 80 HP, manual transmission, 5 seat-belted seats, robust, reliable 2.6 ton vehicle without power steering / engine electronics - 5 month South America proven.
New brakes including main brake cylinder, time belt replacement at 144000 kilometre, changed air intake and oil filter, rear axle replacement to increase torque and reduce speed, snow chains, winter tires plus 2 spare wheels on rim, mobile alarm system, solar panel, 12V compressor, 12V/220V inverter.
Well-kept, smart interior layout sleeps up to 6 -  cabin features include lounge area, fully fitted and equipped kitchenette with fridge and 2 gas burner stove, shower cubicle with toilet and hand basin, gas-water heating system, LED lighting; clever storage space and gas heating.
Roof-top storage box; tool box, folding spade, fresh water tank, good-sized awning, vehicle levelling chocks, anti-slip grip mat, folding table with 2 folding chairs, camping foam mats, 2 spare 20 litre petrol tank, 2 x 11 litre gas bottles with adapter.
German number plate, registration / road worthiness certificate until 8/2018, can be transferred in Germany to new owner.

Price: 7500,- €uro ‘negotiable’
Mail: Berthold.Jung(at)gmx.net
WhatsApp: +56965013329





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