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kanadisches Fahrzeug verkaufen - Wo? Wie? (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Samstag, 04. November 2017, 21:44 (vor 20 Tagen) @ jibbme

My information is that free trade zones do not provide a convenient means of selling a vehicle.

As for transferring ownership of a BC registered vehicle, while it is easy to buy and sell if both parties are in BC, it seems that it is very difficult to do if both parties are outside of BC

Given the number of BC vehicles getting around down south, I guess people pass them on by using a Poder which is basically just lending your vehicle to someone else. What happens when the second person wants to get rid of the vehicle I have no idea. Trouble is a couple of countries can be very unhelpful about letting vehicles into their country on the basis of a poder. Mexico is one that comes up occasionally and Peru is another.

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