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Pickup Camper Toyota Hilux 4x4, December in BRA or ARG (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Jonas59, Mittwoch, 23. August 2017, 20:44 (vor 92 Tagen)

Toyota Hilux 4x4 with cabin on its back


1 fixed bed (130cm) and 1 unfolding (80cm), 3 persons fitting nicely

3 gaz stoves, sink, fridge and freezer (working with gaz as well), dry toilet

Fully equiped (tools, dishes, foldable table and chairs, some camping gear)

Suffered regular wear and tear but one can still enjoy a pleasant life in it.

Swiss licence plates and papers

Service every 10'000km

Looking for a buyer in Brazil or Buenos aires around the 15th of December, flexible

8'000.- Swiss francs, around 8'000.- dollars

Please send me a WhatsApp if interested :) +41 79 330 96 88


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