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1994 VW Bus for Sale in Chile (Sonstiges)

Tony Hill @, Montag, 10. Oktober 2005, 05:38 (vor 5420 Tagen)

VW Kombi 1994 Model for Sale in Chile

Please reply to Tony Hill at tummykisses01@hotmail.com (English please!)

• 1.8L Fuel injection, water-cooled engine (Mexican model)
• Chilean registration (until end December 2005)
• South American third party insurance until end Jan 2006
• Cylinders are 4-line vertical
• 63 Horsepower
• 80,000km approx
• Serviced every 5,000km
• 60L Fuel tank plus 35L fuel container
• 240-12V converter (if required)
• 240/12V interior lights
• Sliding door, no rear side windows
• fully enclosed from front seats to rear with security bars/wire mesh
• New suspension, brake booster, new light truck Good Year tyres
• Lots of storage space, some lockable storage
• Snow chains (can be used for mud also)
• 2 tonne jack, fire extinguisher, tow-strap, other tools & extras
• Double mattress, sheets, pillows
• Fully insulated and carpeted interior
• Air vent in roof

For 2,990 Euros

1994 VW Bus for Sale in Chile

Theres @, 3114 Wichtrach, Donnerstag, 10. November 2005, 03:20 (vor 5389 Tagen) @ Tony Hill

Hallo i m intrestet for the car. Maybe you could send me fotos of the car.
Thank you.
Chaoooooooooo Theres

1994 VW Bus for Sale in Chile

Tony Hill @, Donnerstag, 10. November 2005, 04:46 (vor 5389 Tagen) @ Theres

Hi Theres,

We will be happy to send you photos ... what is your email address? Our address is tummykisses01@hotmail.com.

We will be in Santiago this weekend. When are you arriving in Chile?

Regards, Tony

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