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Update Import of the car to Montevideo and Argentina (May 24 (Verschiffung)

Michael L. @, Bangkok, Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2024, 07:25 (vor 53 Tagen)

A short update concerning bringing a car from Namibia to Montevideo. To Argentina

Actually, it is quite simple. Mr. Kessler (who assist at the import) was helpful. Initially, he was concerned that we might face many issues when importing the car since it is registered through my company. However, it worked with no problems at all in Uruguay and Argentina (actually, no one checked the car in Uruguay). You can keep your car for 1 year in Uruguay.

When bringing the car from Uruguay to Argentina, the process is similarly straightforward. In total, it took around 10 minutes. You can keep the car for 8 months in Argentina (contrary to what many people say about just 3 months), after which you must take it out of the country. As a European passport holder, you enjoy a 3-month stay without any issues in Argentina and Uruguay. So, the procedure is pretty simple and does not cost anything.

An international driving license or car registration is not even “required” (at least nobody checked for it). So, the process is straightforward, and we assume it will be the same when bringing the car to Chile (from Chile we will bring the car to America, California).

To be on the safe side, it is of course a good idea highly recommended for the owner of the car to be the main driver and the person importing the car to Uruguay/Argentina. It's also highly advisable to have an international driving license as well as an international car registration book (both of which are only valid for a year and cost approximately 30-50 EUR each). However, my experience on 24 May 2024, was that it was pretty easy with just a German driving license and a German car registration

Update Import of the car to Montevideo and Argentina (May 24

Huku, Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2024, 15:24 (vor 52 Tagen) @ Michael L.

Guten Tag nach Bankok

Hallo Michael, Dein Udate ist eigentlich keiner ;-) , denn was Du hier festhältst, ist schon seit geraumer Zeit Standard.

Gruss Huku

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