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For Sale: Chevy Van G20 März/April 2023 Panama/Costa Rica (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Anja Mäuerle ⌂ @, Panama / Costa Rica, Freitag, 17. März 2023, 16:48 (vor 6 Tagen)

FOR SALE: Beautiful 1993 Chevy G20 Camper Van with new Renogy Solar System
85,000 Miles only!!

For Pictures check Instagram or Facebook:

Where: Panama City (US Plates)
When: March/April 2023
Price: 15,900 USD

Super low Mileage | Clean Carfax | Strong V6 Engine | Brand New Firestone Tires | All you need: Full 8 months old Camping Equipment included

- Chevrolet G20, V6 Engine, RWD, Regular Gasoline (average mpg: 18.2)
- 85,000 Miles
- Automatic Gear System
- Clean Carfax, no accidents
- 4 brand new Firestone Tires (1,300 USD) + 1 Spare Tire
- No mechanical issues: Did regular general checks along the road (US, Mexico, Costa Rica) and all mechanics confirmed great condition of engine, transmission and brakes.
- Hasn’t lost a single drop of oil in 8 months of driving from the US to Panama
- US Plates (Washington State)

- 2 Keys
- Anti-lock Braking System
- Wide Rear Camera
- Cruise Control
- Air Condition
- Servo Steering
- Central Power Locks
- Power Windows (driver and passenger)
- Rear Windows darkened

- New GARMIN Dash Cam (160 USD) with automatic accident detection
- JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Boombox
- Fire Extinguisher
- Steering Wheel Brake Lock
- Invisible „2nd Floor“ hiding place for money, passports and external hard drives

- New Renogy 12V Solar System incl. Panel and Inverter with AC Outlet
- New High-performance AGM Battery incl. external Battery Charger and extension cable for campgrounds etc.
- 4 USB Outlets in Sleeping Area
- 2 USB Outlets in Cockpit

- Original DOMETIC Ceiling Fan
- New ALPICOOL CF45 Compression Fridge

- Bed for 2 people with super comfortable memory foam matress (120 cm x 180 cm)
- 2 Pillow Cases (IKEA)
- 1 Blanket + 1 Sheet (IKEA)
- 2 Towels (IKEA)
- USB Fairy Lights

- 2 Foldable Camping Chairs
- 1 Foldable Camping Table
- 1 EUREKA Ignite Camp Stove
- 1 Foldable Sink for dish washing or laundry
- 26l Fresh Water Container
- 1 Foldable Shovel
- 1 Coated Pan (IKEA)
- 1 Pot (IKEA)
- 1 Chopping Board
- 1 French Press
- Plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery for 2

- 1 Plastic Box with Lid (IKEA)
- 1 Plastic Storage Box (IKEA)
- 1 big Storage Box for clothing that perfectly fits under bed (IKEA)
- 9 Tupperware Boxes (IKEA)
- 1 Ceiling Storage Net

Btw, the size of the Chevy G20 has a few distinct advantages to any larger van models: you can find parking in the cities and it fits in all underground garages that we tried. Most important: The van fits into a Cargo Ship Container which makes shipping incomparably cheaper.

There’s one deficieny that we’re aware of: We would recommend to replace the windshield sooner or later as it has a stone chip damage.

Having said that, our beloved Chevy Van is waiting for you in Panama City perfectly ready to roll.
And yes, we’ll of course remove our car branding before you buy it ;)

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