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Container Buddy to Montevideo (November) (Sonstiges)

Balu1988, Montag, 19. September 2022, 20:28 (vor 15 Tagen)

Hello Overlanders! We booked a 40ft container to Montevideo which is leaving Hamburg on Nov 25th 2022 and are still looking for a container buddy! We have a VW T3, so this leaves you close to 7m length for your vehicle. If you are interested just leave a comment here, thanks!

Container Buddy to Montevideo (November)

Roland Karch @, Donaueschingen, Dienstag, 20. September 2022, 15:00 (vor 14 Tagen) @ Balu1988

Hi, I might be interested.
What is the cost?
Please contact me rkarch57@gmail.com

Container Buddy to Montevideo (November)

Balu1988, Sonntag, 25. September 2022, 22:17 (vor 9 Tagen) @ Balu1988

We are still looking for somebody to share a container with. Feel free to contact us!

Container Buddy to Montevideo (November)

Hop @, Donnerstag, 29. September 2022, 14:16 (vor 5 Tagen) @ Balu1988

Hi Balu

We are not looking for a containerbuddy bot for someone who could take with his shipment some spare parts for us to Montevideo. You think this would be possible for you? We are travelling since 2019 in southamerica.


Container Buddy to Montevideo (November)

Balu1988, Samstag, 01. Oktober 2022, 17:13 (vor 3 Tagen) @ Hop

Hi Peter, please send me, what you need to my email address: mathias_zollbrecht@yahoo.de

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