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Astro Van zu Verkaufen in Vancouver Ende Oktober (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Chico1 @, Seattle / Vancouver, Freitag, 26. August 2022, 17:31 (vor 157 Tagen)


Great Camper van for sale!
This nice van is searching for a new owner around end of October in Vancouver. It was our home for the last 8 month as we traveled with it from Costa Rica to Canada. We are right now enjoying our last three month with it discovering Canada and would love to ship it to South America where our journey continues, but the shipping prices are too high at the moment so we need to say goodbye and make the new owner happy with this gem :)
-Chevrolet Astrovan 1996
-124.000 miles (around more 6000 will be added until selling)
-4.3 Litre 6 Cylinder engine
-Automatic transmission
-Leather seats
-Solar System with 100W Panel to charge the second batterie. For charging electric devices and run the fridge
-Built in blinds
-oil changes every 5000 miles
-Outdoor shower on top of the car
-A lot of storage
-Four large Cushions that convert to a very comfortable queen size bed. You can change the angle of the upper part of the bed to go to „couch mode“
-LED bar for reading
-Tinted windows for more privacy/stealth camping
-Two windows in the back with mosquito nett, for fresh air while sleeping
-Folding Table & Outdoor Chairs
-Large awning
-2 burner Coleman gas cooker
-cooking utensils
-Tool kit for basic maintenance
-90s Surfboard with new leash included
-New Coleman electrical cooler
-New car Batterie (former one was 10 years old)
-Tires changed on our way, in good condition
-New spark plugs
-New spark plug wires (were installed incorrectly in Central America, so one wire was scorched. After that we had everything replaced in the USA)
-new ball joints for the steering rod (were worn out)
-Remember this is a 96 car so do not expect a new car
-Currently registered in Costa Rica. New owner should register the car in the US.
7500 USD

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