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2x Honda XR150L in Punta Arenas (Chile) to sell (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

PawelPawel, Montag, 11. Juli 2022, 14:15 (vor 203 Tagen)

We are travelling with my girlfriend on motorcycles for 9 months now and we just arrived to Punta Arenas, when we are ending our journey. So we have two original Honda XR150L for sale. Didn't have any problem with them during the route and they still have the producers' guarantee.

- price for one 1300 USD,
- year 2022,
- 27 100 km,
- producers' guarantee for 16 months or 13 000 km more,
- dual purpose,
- we are the first owners and the bikes are registered under our names in Mexico, where we started,
- all the services has been made in authorized Honda shops (thanks to that they still have the guarantee),
- at 16 000 km we've changed the tires for ones that are better for off-road than original ones, also good for asphalt,
- at 25 000 km we changed the chains,
- they are in perfect state, you can sit and drive,
- they have some scratches, as it's easy to get them during off-road,
-150 cc motor,
- fuel consumption +/- 2,5 l/100 km
- max. speed 100-110 km/h
- we can also sell motorcycle accessories (jacket, helmets, gloves, chains and more)

WhatsApp: +48 600 686 166

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