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Container Sharing Nordeuropa nach Mexiko (Verschiffung)

J200, Montag, 25. April 2022, 14:58 (vor 25 Tagen)

Hallo zusammen

Auch wir planen ein Abenteuer Anfang/Mitte November 2022 zu beginnen. Zeitpunkt ist flexibel...
Unser LC200 braucht noch einen Containerfreund, damit ihm auf der langen und dunklen Reise nicht langweilig wird. Falls Du einen ähnlichen Plan hast und Dir einen 40ft teilen magst, gerne melden.


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Container Sharing Nordeuropa nach Mexiko

jose, Sonntag, 01. Mai 2022, 16:55 (vor 19 Tagen) @ J200

hello! we could be interested, we'd also like to ship from europe to mexico, would be great to have the possibility of sharing a container. we want to leave somewhat earlier though, we were planning of shipping more around the time of august-september. sometime around the end of that timeframe should be fine i think, but putting it off until november is undesirable. depending on how flexible you are able to be with your own plans maybe it could work out?

ps. last time i contacted a broker about container shipping to mexico (over half a year ago), i was informed that at the time there were unfavorable conditions, weeks of delays at ports, and correlating additional 4 figure costs. if we get any further with this i could inform with the same person about what the situation is now. greetings jose

Container Sharing Nordeuropa nach Mexiko

J200, Freitag, 13. Mai 2022, 14:50 (vor 7 Tagen) @ jose

Hi Jose

Unfortunately, I cant earlier.

All men die - few live

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