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Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus) (Sonstiges)

mkay09, Sonntag, 28. Februar 2021, 00:58 (vor 758 Tagen)

Ideal camper van (converted bus) for families with child and/or dog(s).

We are selling our much loved bus that we purchased, registered and insured in Vancouver, BC Canada in April 2019. At the time of purchase the bus had a mileage of 260,000 km. We drove the bus a total of 40,000 km once completely from Vancouver Island to Halifax. Afterwards we went down the east coast of the USA to Florida. Via Dallas and San Antonio we finally entered Mexico and drove to Tulum.

Our bus is in a very good condition. Repairs were always done immediately by a professional garage (we kept all receipts) and the oil change and oil filter change were done every 8,000 km to 9,000 km.

Now a few details about the bus, about the technology, equipment and storage space possibilities.

About the bus:

  • Ford E450 (it was a passenger bus for 15 persons before)
  • Gasoline: Diesel v8
  • year of construction: 2007
  • Mileage: 298.000 km (185.000 miles)
  • Oil change done every 8.000 to 9.000 km (next one at 302.000km)
  • oil filter change every 16.000 to 18.000 km done
  • New turbocharger May 2019
  • New exhaust October 2019


  • 200w (2x 100w) 18v solar panels On the roof incl. control system.
  • Amarine 12v water pump and 6x 20 liter canisters (3x fresh water 3x waste water)
  • Diesel Heater 2kw 12v incl. 10l jerrycan
  • JVC USB/BT radio KD-X255BT
  • Domestic CC 40
  • Coleman gas grill + propane bottle
  • Ruose Overload Protection
  • Camplux 5 liter 1.32 GMP outdoor boiler for hot water
  • Vertmax 1500 Watt converter
  • Eliminator intelligent battery charger (automatically charges batteries while driving when car battery is full and prevents using power from car battery)
  • Many USB 3.0 charging options


  • Camco 41541 camping toilet (20 liters / 5.3 gallons)
  • Washbasin incl. attachment for the faucet to screw on a shower head
  • cutlery + plates + cups + pots and pans
  • fairy lights
  • 2 very comfortable camping chairs (easily stowable back door)
  • Various USB lamps
  • Dining table with two original rows of seats as seats incl. handholds (these are missing on the video, but are mounted)
  • 2x 25l reserve cans of diesel (e.g. to refill the diesel heater)
  • various fluffy carpets
  • Big fan + 3x smaller USB fans
  • tool bag
  • very comfortable 20cm mattress + comforters + pillows + covers
  • flyscreens for several windows
  • 2x designer fruit bowls non-slip

Storage space:

  • 3 huge drawers next to bed
  • Plenty of storage space under the bed (accessible inside the bus or through the two rear doors)
  • 9 compartments + 2 boxes storage space above the bed (alternatively you can remove the boxes and use it as a 3rd bed for children)
  • rolling drawers aluminum
  • shoe rack behind driver seat

We are asking $21,500 USD (450,000 Mexican pesos).
I have already talked to ICBC and a transfer of the vehicle documents to the new buyer is possible by phone due to COVID-19.
The buyer would have to get a new TIP for Mexico after the purchase. We have received a 10 year TIP for our motorhome.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus)

Anita @, Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2021, 05:24 (vor 684 Tagen) @ mkay09

ich würde mich über Fotos freuen. Wir sind gerade in Costa Rica und fahren Ende des Monats nach Mexico. Sind hin und her gerissen, ob wir unseren aus Deutschland verschiffen lassen, oder uns doch vor Ort einen hier holen.
Bei Erstkontakt über Mail auch gerne über whatsapp oder Telegram.

Lieben Gruß!

Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus)

mkay09, Freitag, 28. Mai 2021, 22:43 (vor 668 Tagen) @ Anita

Hallo Anita,

bitte entschuldige meine verspätete Antwort. Aktuell sieht es danach aus, dass wir den Bus erst gegen Ende September verkaufen werden. Solltest du weiterhin Interesse haben, sende mir gerne deine E-Mail Adresse oder Handynummer zu.

Liebe Grüße

Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus)

Camilla @, Mittwoch, 07. Juli 2021, 14:39 (vor 629 Tagen) @ mkay09

Dear Manuel,
me and my family are coming to Cancun in the middle of August and are looking for a van like yours. I am so happy to find your offer, it does not seem to be easy to find vans for sale. Is it still for sale? Could you send me some photos?
Thank you very much for answering

Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus)

mkay09, Mittwoch, 07. Juli 2021, 17:10 (vor 629 Tagen) @ Camilla

Hello Camilla, our plan has changed a bit. We will drive the bus back to Canada and sell it there. That will be at the end of September. If that could also be interesting, you can contact me again. Thanks, Manuel

Camper van for sell in Mexico (Ford E450 converted bus)

mkay09, Samstag, 07. August 2021, 20:54 (vor 597 Tagen) @ Camilla

Hello Camilla,

as things stand at the moment, our bus will probably be for sale at the end of August after all. If you are still interested, please contact us.

Many greetings

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