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TRAILER for sale in Chile (Sonstiges)

matthias_jeschke, Montag, 16. März 2020, 17:32 (vor 190 Tagen)


Very special and world-wide unique Unimog-/Truck-/PickUp-/Mining-/Rescue-/Extreme Off-Road-TRAILER. Used. 1 axis. 7 tires. 3 tanks.

An overrun brake makes the trailer usable by nearly any kind of vehicle fitted with a coupling device: Pick-Up Trucks, big trucks, off-road vehicles, camping van, caravan, operation vehicles, …

Special rebuilt for very extreme off-road use by Extrem Events – Matthias Jeschke. Of course, also on road use.

The trailer is like a TRANSFORMER. Usable as trailer with
- loading platform – it´s easily to strip
- open box
- closable box

Date of first private registration in Germany: 25.07.2019
Year of production: 1985. Originally built as “Plane Spriegel” (=tarpaulin and hoops).
Producer: Kaesbohrer
Type: 13A0000
Chassis number: WKK408000010102224
Current colour: grey and black – colour is changeable / base of aluminium-side walls is white.

Usable for pulling by car as well as truck. The system can be changed in a few minutes. Special heavy duty suspension up to 4.5 tons weight in total.
Convertible by removing the side walls and front wall (these are made of light-wight aluminium sandwich panels) to a platform trailer or usable with smaller side walls.

The trailer has/comes with:
• 1x mobile, extreme-offroad Diesel tank – special made for the trailer - approx. 1.600 litres
• 2x mobile, extrem-offroad drinking water tanks – each approx. 220 litres
• All tanks were proofed from -60° C up to plus 70° C - made by FT Design – specialist in tank engineering, Germany
• 1x flexible, height-movable trailer hitch-connection
• 1x towing bar for trucks or second trailer behind the first trailer
• 7x tires
• All essential documents. Duty paid, fully imported – supported by „Kaufmann“

The tire sets are changeable:
• 1st set - original: 3x Continental 12.50 R 20
• 2nd set – special designed, unique handmade extremely strong sand and rock (world record) tires: 4x ATG Alliance A-392 24R20.5 Heavy duty, tubeless, All Steel, agriculture / off-road tires with special amplification on sidewalls – produced in 2019; including wheel spacer (currently mounted).

These special tires can be also used for trucks. If you would be interested to buy these special tires separately, for example for a truck, without taking into account the overall package of the trailer offered here, the purchase price for one of these special tires would be about 3.500,- € per unit.

The trailer has been officially imported to Chile, was dutied and is ready for inspection. The person in charge is the logistic manager of Kaufmann; he speaks Spanish, also very good English and German.
Please don`t hesitate to contact us for more information or more pictures.

Price negotiable: EURO 12.377,- € / USD 13.900,-


TRAILER for sale in Chile

matthias_jeschke, Dienstag, 24. März 2020, 10:34 (vor 182 Tagen) @ matthias_jeschke

I just want to let you know the trailer is still available.
And because of some requests regarding the special tires, I would like to add the following:
The special tires are almost indestructible. If a replacement is nevertheless necessary, the tires can also be ordered as standard from ATG; Price: approx.1,200 euros per piece.
If you have any further questions or would like to send an offer, please send me a pn.

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