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4 sale now: Toyota Land Cruiser full equipped (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

matthias_jeschke, Montag, 10. Februar 2020, 15:43 (vor 229 Tagen)

Off-road and long-distance travel vehicle for 2 people:
Versatile, comfortable, self-sufficient, full-equipped. Special conversion for safe travel of 2 people even in the most extreme terrain.


After several trips through South America, we are now offering our touring vehicle for sale. It has always brought us reliably to our goals - whether remote, lonely areas, highway, desert sand, rock and ice, pampas, forest or beach. With extensive rescue material and two winches and parts of the camping equipment, there are virtually no limits to this vehicle and the driver.

The vehicle has an important history. In 2005, it was the first vehicle in the world to reach a height of over 6,000 meters. With him we held the world height record for motor vehicles at 6,358 meters for several years. Modified later, we use it for our trips and as support vehicle.

In Conclusion in 2019, we saved a human life with this car at the last minute, because of all vehicles on site, only with this car we were able to carry out a nightly search and recovery operation in difficult, mountainous terrain in an altitude of 5.900 m.a.s.l.. The vehicle has been in our possession for around 18 years, was only driven by us during this period, has always been serviced and is ready to drive in Chile, Santiago. Transport to Europe is possible by appointment.

If the car is sold, we carry out an inspection in Chile before handover. Should a spare part be needed in the future, we support the new owner (s) with a spare parts supply service directly from Germany and / or Chile through us and our network.

Toyota Land Cruiser J9, short wheelbase, 2-seater, 3.4L V6, displacement 3378 cm3, EZ: 11/25/98, trailer load up to 2800 kg

• Special suspension for high transport loads at the front + rear with extreme interlocking and off-road suitability
• Gasoline engine, fully suitable even for great heights in the Andes
• 3-door

• Permanent all-wheel drive
• Rear Diff Lock 100%
• Air snorkel for water crossings up to 1.20m
• Front underrun protection
• Central locking system
• Electric windows

• Special roof rack for high transport loads
• 1 side carrier on the left and 1 on the right
• 3x 20l fresh water tank in the right side bracket
• 40l fresh water tank in the interior
• Large roof tent 1.60x2.30m with removable double insulation (down to -30 ° C!), Mosquito nets, 4 windows, including 2 entrances, double layer mattress, topper and ventilation mesh, high seat height
• aluminum folding ladder
• 270° sun awning left side and back

• Reclining seats for temporary sleeping in the vehicle
• Partition wall and maximum trunk (darkened, invisible and with additional lock against theft)
• Interior changed, felt-insulated, without headlining, airbags disassembled for maximum off-road suitability
• 5x almost indestructible Goodyear Wrangler MTR tires, 265 / 70R16 112S, specially reinforced on Borbet aluminum rims - in the field, sand etc. mobile up to 0.2bar air pressure

• 2x more spare tires - new
• 1x front winch
• 1x rear winch

• Extensive recovery equipment for self-recovery and recovery of other vehicles
• Extensive tool equipment including water binder and anti-freeze for easy start up to over -40 ° C
• Spare Parts for approx. 1.000,- Euro
• Large oxygen bottle for height rescue / supply
• Extensive first aid kit and medical emergency backpack for first aid
• Powerful radio with directional radio antenna
• 3x table
• 4x folding chair

• Cookware for 2 people (pots, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, ...)
• Mobile camping stove, double plate, for connection to small gas cartridges
• 1x worktop on rear door
• 90L fuel tank
• 9x20L (180 liter) additional fuel tank transport in front and rear
• Front loading possibility up to 250kg

• 2x expedition aluminum box
• 1x AEG cooling box (12V + 220V)
• Trailer hitch
• Additional light rear - LED
• 1x high jack + 1x hydraulic jack
• Suspenders-safety belt , 2x
• Multiple storage nets behind the driver and front passenger seats
• Exterior color: white (the stickers on the doors can be removed without leaving any residue)

Price base for negotiation: 31.500,- € Euro

For more information +49 171 4640 277


4 sale now: Toyota Land Cruiser full equipped

matthias_jeschke, Mittwoch, 22. April 2020, 13:42 (vor 158 Tagen) @ matthias_jeschke

This Land Cruiser can be bought in Germany from June.
Delivery within Germany possible after consultation!

4 sale now: Toyota Land Cruiser full equipped

Perle, Mittwoch, 22. April 2020, 20:07 (vor 157 Tagen) @ matthias_jeschke

Ein Fahrzeug mit dieser Historie ist mindestens 3 Millionen Euro wert, bitte verschenkt diese Höhenperle nicht so billig!

4 sale now: Toyota Land Cruiser full equipped

Torsten, Sonntag, 24. Mai 2020, 14:06 (vor 126 Tagen) @ Perle

... will eine gute Freundin euren Preis steigern ???:-P

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