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We sell our Toyota 4runner (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

jaspauls, Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2019, 15:16 (vor 26 Tagen)

It is time. Our travel is coming to an end and it is also time to say goodbye to our beloved 4runner. We had a really good time with the car and saw so many breathtaking landscapes in all of South America.
We are selling the car from mid of
February in Santiago de Chile.

Technical informations:
- Toyota 4runner, sr5, 2009
- Approximately 170 000 kilometers at time of sell
- Chilean plates (very easy and fast transfer of ownership)
- Automatic transmission
- Gasoline (Patrol)
- oil change every 8000-10000km
- 84 liter fuel tank
- fuel consumption about 10 liters on 100 km, depending on the terrain
- 236 hp (4000cc engine)
- rear wheel driving
- 5 Bridgestone H/T tires
- Air-conditioning
- Bluetooth, Radio and CD
- ABS, Airbags
- Cruiscontrol
- Revision tecnica valid until October 2020

- sleeping platform, with a simple draw system underneath
- Mattress
- 2 pillows
- 2 blankets
- 2 sets of bedsheets
- 2 nets at the trunk windows for storage
- Plastic box
- kitchen utensils
- a two flame gas stove
- 9 liter gas bottle
- extension cable
- 220V converter
- camping table
- 2 camping chairs
- laundry line and clothespins
- big plastic bowl for the dishes or doing laundry
- roof rack
- camping shower
- Jerrycan
- 10 meter lashing strap
- tow/recovery rope
- Starter cable
- car jack
- tools
- compressor
- fire extinguisher
- 2 warning triangles
- safety vest
- first aid kid

It was the perfect car for us. It took us everywhere we wanted to go, without complaining and we could always rely on the car!
We enjoyed it a lot!!!
The price is 9400 US$ or 8500€ (negotiable)

If you are interested and/or have further questions feel free to write us a Whatsapp message at +491781527022 or a pm.

Greetings and Merry Christmas to all of you!

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