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Baja california norte. (Sonstiges)

Ramon @, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 04:01 (vor 9 Tagen)

Have some one being in baja california norte?
Is it safe?? Any sutjestions?
We have to get out of US on monday. And every body is scarring us.

Baja california norte.

Bicitours, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 10:05 (vor 9 Tagen) @ Ramon

We were there one year ago and haven't seen anything that scared us. We didn't go through Tijuana, but drove from Ensenada to Tecate.
Remember that Americans always warn you for Mexico (and the rest of the world). They think that the USA is the safest country in the world...

Baja california norte.

Muckiveco, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 13:29 (vor 9 Tagen) @ Bicitours

;-) Bingo....

Reisen bedeutet sich den Unwegsamkeiten zu stellen. Wer z.B. mit Thomas Cook reist hat andere Probleme zu lösen. Heute kann es sicher sein, morgen nicht.

Gruß Muckiveco

Baja california norte.

Ramon, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 15:02 (vor 9 Tagen) @ Bicitours

Did you sleep on a truck or van? With out camping?
How many days where you there?

Baja california norte.

Bicitours, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 22:20 (vor 8 Tagen) @ Ramon

We travelled in our van for about 5 months in Mexico. The Baja section took about six weeks. Normally we go to campgrounds, or at least private grounds with permission, but not always.
Look at ioverlander for the best spots and also for safety issues. Basically Baja is safe if you use common sense.

Baja california norte.

Ramon, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 22:42 (vor 8 Tagen) @ Bicitours

Ok, thank you!

Baja california norte.

bigdog, Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019, 17:45 (vor 8 Tagen) @ Ramon

Most dangerous thing is driving. Bad roads, huge potholes, lots of topes. Never drive at night! Lots of black cows along the roads, you just dont see them in the dark. Have a look at the faceboos group „mexico survival guide“ for more information about security. South baja is way better, they get more money from the goverment, so the have better infrastructure. Best beaches south of Mulege!

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