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Mercedes Vito Camper Van to sell in Colombia 2019 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Philipp, Mittwoch, 11. September 2019, 16:46 (vor 69 Tagen)
bearbeitet von Philipp, Mittwoch, 11. September 2019, 17:17

Hi fellow travelers,

We are selling our beloved Van which accompanied our travels up the coast of South America. It's a Mercedes Vito 114, unleaded, built in 2003, 205.000 km, transformed and fully equipped into a camper Van in Germany before we shipped it to Montevideo. It still has the TÜV certificate (very strict German inspection for emissions and safety) till 2020. We changed the battery, ventilation filter, cooler, spark plugs, spare tire and ventilation motor and fixed the rust on the body. Additionally, we put in a turning module under the passenger seat so you can sit comfortably when you are parked.
We took care of the regular maintenance like oil change, V-Belt, water pump ect. and never had a problem during the whole trip.
We bought second hand from the German criminal police so regular check ups were obligated. It is a real stealth van with tinted windows, curtains and some minor areas of rust on the outside which is great for camping anywhere you want. It's perfect for two people, I'm 1,90 m and my wife 1,70 m tall. The German license plates are still on and we could pass all the borders without trouble.
Once in while the engine light lights up. We got it checked before by the ADAC and an official Mercedes workshop and it's just a false notification by the system. It was not necessary to follow through.
The reverse gear is a bit tricky to put in, but always works.

A list of equipment and photos are on the Facebook group overlanding buy and sell, here it doesn't work...

If you are interest or you have any questions, please contact me personally in English, German or Spanish:

We are looking to sell in Colombia in November or better December 2019.
Price: $5500

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