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MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

joe_brock, Montag, 02. September 2019, 20:07 (vor 141 Tagen)

Hey travel folks!

We are Ivonne, Johannes and 2 year old Toni. Our amazing trip has brought us through Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Soon we will return to Germany for the birth of our second child.

MATILDA is our super reliable and comfy travel companion. She has spent her first 17 years on smooth German roads as a regular well-maintained transporter. In 2018 she was converted into a camper van and shipped to South America. She combines the best from both worlds:
1. robust and compact CAR, consumes little and is easy and comfortable to drive
2. little wooden HOME with huge bed, kitchen, sink, solar power, and lots of storage
Matilda is fully-equipped and ready to hit the road! You could basically move in with what you are wearing… ;-)

We are selling end of October around Santiago de Chile or Mendoza Argentina. The car papers will include a “Poder Legal” issued on your name (We are experienced South American travellers and have completed this process twice already. We speak fluent Spanish).

The price is 11500 USD or 10300 EURO.

And here are the most important facts about Matilda:


1. Mercedes Sprinter 208 CDI built in 2001
2. Engine: 2.2 Liter Diesel with 82hp (original engine); lots of torque to get you anywhere; consumption averages at 8.8 liters per 100 km (32 MPG) 1000km on a single tank is possible
3. Kilometers approx 294.000 kilometers at time of sale
4. External Measures: Length 5,5m; Width 1,8m; Height 2,6m; Total Weight 2,5t
5. Maintenance: Well-maintained, regular inspections and services as suggested by Mercedes. Engine and drivetrain parts all original. No leaks, no stuttering, no overheating, no problems.
Last service in April 2019: New synchronization belt, new filters (air, fuel and oil) and oil change
Last inspection in July 2019: All mechanical parts like steering, suspension, brakes - all good - plus grease maintenance
6. Tires: Maxxis VANPRO AS M+S 225/70R15 28k km
7. There is some small rust and dents on the outer body. It's only a cosmetical thing but sure you can see the age (helps against robbery)
8. Cockpit with 3 full seats, 2 USB charging ports, bluetooth speaker (internal speakers are a bit scratchy), open window to the back
9. Equipment includes well-equipped toolbox, air compressor 12V for tires, 5t hydraulic jack, child seat for up to 18 kg (if you don’t need it we would donate it)

1. Large cabin (length , width 175cm, height 182cm)
2. Insulation between wood and exterior, keeps warmth very well at night
3. Tinted windows with curtains, inside nicely dark at night
4. Double bed (length 188cm, width 168cm). New and well tailored mattresses from June 2019! 2x bedding summer/winter. Bed can be converted into a L-shaped couch with a table and bench.
5. Mosquito net tents that covers whole bed (a blessing in the tropics)
6. Solar system with 100W panel on roof and 120Ah battery, supplying an 220V AC converter, 12V port, 2x USB port, water pump and K.O. gas warner
7. Kitchen with 2 stove gas burner and 5,7kg propane tank, fully-equipped with pots pans and cutlery for 3 persons, cooling box powered by solar, foldable table to cook outside
8. Sink with water pump, 2x 20 liters fresh water tank, 7 liters grey water tank; 2x 20liters drinking water tank
9. Clothing and kitchen cupboards and lots of storage under the bed including 2x 65 liter box and 4x 10 liter box

We would be very happy to find new companions for Matilda :-)
If you are seriously interested, thanks for contacting Johannes on Whatsapp: +49 178 8030818

PS: Liebe deutschsprachige Reisende, wir können auch gerne in dieser Sprache fortsetzen...

MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago

luis moller @, Dienstag, 03. September 2019, 01:17 (vor 141 Tagen) @ joe_brock

HOla vivo en Chile y estoy interesado en su vehiculo.
pueden enviar fotos.

MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago

joe_brock, Dienstag, 03. September 2019, 16:51 (vor 141 Tagen) @ joe_brock

Hey folks
And here the MATILDAs pictures!! ;-)

Frontview1 [image]


Sideview2 Camping

Sideview3 Camping

Backview1 Camping

Backview2 from driver seat

Cockpit full

Cockpit detail

Nightview inside

The roadcrew

MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago

joe_brock, Mittwoch, 04. September 2019, 19:31 (vor 140 Tagen) @ joe_brock

Hello, here are more pictures from the interior. For best impression I can take you on a tour via video chat.
Regards, Johannes

Full view of kitchen, sink and clothing room

Water supply, 20l fresh water tank below, 7l grey water tank above, lots of storage for bottles etc...

5,7l propane gas tank

Control panel powered by solar: AC inverter, KO gas warner, water pump, 12V, battery voltage, 2x USB

MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago

Inkeltje @, Mittwoch, 11. September 2019, 17:42 (vor 133 Tagen) @ joe_brock

Hey hey

I might be interested, and will be un Santiago by mis october, lets stay un touch?


MATILDA for sale: Mercedes Camper Van - End Oct. in Santiago

joe_brock, Montag, 16. September 2019, 22:42 (vor 127 Tagen) @ joe_brock

Van is sold!

MATILDA is sold!

joe_brock, Montag, 16. September 2019, 22:44 (vor 127 Tagen) @ joe_brock

She will continue her happy travels in South America!!! :-)

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