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Mercedes Benz 310, 4x4 (4WD) (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Grisu Adventures ⌂ @, Dienstag, 27. August 2019, 03:22 (vor 84 Tagen)

Hi guys,

We offering our vehicle for sale, a unique 4x4 van which used to be an Austrian firetruck, but is now a fully functional camper. By the time we started our journey down south from Canada we never intended in selling at the end of the trip. But right now our future plans look a little different to what we expected when we started. So instead of taking our home on wheels back to Austria and not being able to use it (for a while), we want to give it a chance to keep its wheels rolling by offering it for sale.

It’s a Mercedes 310 from 1991 which has been converted to a 4x4 by Oberaigner on request of the Austrian fire department. The interior was build by the previous owners, where we’ve made some (small) improvements. We’re currently in Chile, and we could hand it over in Santiago or Buenos Aires for example, around mid October. Somewhat flexible on request. It has a motor home registration in Washington State (USA), making it easy to transfer it in your name.

We offer it for USD 19.500,- or equivalent in Euros (negotiable).

- Mercedes 310 4x4 (1991)
- 2.3 L Petrol engine (105 bhp)
- 5 sp Manual gearbox
- Approx. 85-90.000 km (chain driven)
- 4x4 (selectable with low range and locking transfer case)
- Seats 2 (and a half) people
- High clearance
- 4 very good all terrain tyres

- Two battery setup with smart battery isolator and solar panel
- 12/230 v Power converter (300 w)
- Instrument panel with light switches, usb chargers and display
- 1200 w Generator
- Connector for external power at the rear, and hub with extra sockets inside

- Raised roof to be able to stand straight
- 3-Way fridge (solar, propane, electricity)
- 2-Burner stove (propane)
- 12 L propane bottle (US connector)
- Lots of pots and pans
- Cutlery, plates and bowls for 2/3 people
- 2 Door cabinet and 2 drawers for storage
- Sink with battery-powered water pump
- 50 L Water tank, accessible for refill from outside, incl. water hose & multiple connectors
- Outside shower, usable through water pump

- Propane heater
- Electrical heater
- Insulated sufficient for wintertime

Living space
- Bed for two people incl. pillows, blanket and sheets
- Couch and foldable table for 3 people
- Interior lights with individual switches, powered by solar panel/battery

- Overhead kitchen storage
- Huge living space storage in several compartments
- Storage under the couch in 3 different compartments
- Storage underneath the bed in two compartments, from which one accessible from inside and outside and one just from outside

- Radio with Bluetooth, usb and aux
- Music boxes on the dashboard

- 2 Camping chairs
- 2 Person tent
- 3 Jerrycans (20 L each)
- 8 Power straps (4.500 kg)
- Toolbox with huge amount of (basic) tools
- Lots of storage boxes
- Power cable for external hook up
- Fire extinguisher
- 12 v Vacuum cleaner
- 12 v Compressor (tyres)

The unfortunate fact
Drivers side is damaged due to an unfortunate accident in its previous life. It's purely cosmetic and quoted USD 1.500-2.200,- to repair. The windscreen is damaged too, but not in the field of vision from the driver. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our trip we have not had the time to repair this accordingly. Both reflect in the price.

Any questions left? Feel free to comment, send a
message to c.likes2travel@gmail.com
or a WhatsApp to +43 664 656 2240


SOLD - Mercedes Benz 310, 4x4 (4WD)

Grisu Adventures ⌂ @, Donnerstag, 03. Oktober 2019, 22:10 (vor 47 Tagen) @ Grisu Adventures

Danke an alle Interessenten - das Fahrzeug ist verkauft!

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