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[FOR SALE] CAMPER 4x4 Colombia July/August (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Moritz-92, Samstag, 29. Juni 2019, 02:33 (vor 25 Tagen)


Hello travelers,

we are a couple from Germany and want to sell our beautiful painted camper after our trip through South America. The Camper is ready for sale in Ecuador or Colombia in late July or August 2019. We started with the camper in Chile and drove up to the north.

- Chevrolet Executive S10 4x4 from 2001
- 4.3 Liters V6, Gasoline (approx. 12l/100km), 197 HP
- Automatic gear switch
- Radio with Aux connection
- Air Condition
- central looking system
- 2 seats (upgrade to 4 seats is possible)
- approx. 235.000 km but in good condition due to many investments (see details below)
- Country of registration: Chile

- solar panels
- a lot of daylight inside due to many windows
- 1x camping battery (12V 850A 95AH)
- more than 5 LED lights inside
- Two gas cooking plates
- bed for two people (max hight 1,9m)
- outdoor shower
- sink
- fridge
- many windows
- rooftop that can be opened (over the bed for a nice look to the sky)
- 2x camping seats
- 1x camping table
- 1x guitar (if you can play :-))
- ...

- kitchen utensils (pan, plates, cutlery, knifes, glasses ...)
- tools for repairments
- boxes for clothes and other stuff
- 2x 20l jerrycan for gasoline
- 2x 5kg gas bottles for cooking
- current transformer to 220 volt
- car jack
- booster cable
- pillows and blanket
- ...

MAINTAINANCE (in beetween the last approx. 15 - 25.000 km)
- New tires when we started the trip
- new batterie
- new gasoline pump
- regulary change of filters (air, gasoline, oil)
- regulary change of oil
- new starter motor
- check, cleaning and refactoring of the cooling system of the motor
- new spark plugs
- new breaks (not every wheel, but the rest is fine)

- last big check at the mechanic in cusco with approx. 232.000 km. Everything is allright.

.... the car is in good condition and since a long time we don't have any problems. We are ready to go to an mechanic with the buyer to check the car before sell!


Get in touch with us if you are interested :-).

Availability: End of July / Beginning of August
Price: Negotioable / We are open mindend. Make a "realistic" suggestion ;-)
E-Mail: Moritz-92@web.de
Whatsapp: +49 176 62631195

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