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Mapped Drives Not Showing for Some Users (Sonstiges)

blaise84, Freitag, 31. Mai 2019, 20:02 (vor 365 Tagen)

Hi – I’m setting up a new Server (Server 2016) as a domain controller on a small network with 5 Windows 10 client computers.

I have setup active directory on the server.

In AD I have created a new OU (MyDomain) and within this OU I have created some child OUs Users & Groups.

Under Users I have set up a couple of new users (User A and User B). Under groups I have set up a group called MyUserGrp. Both users have been added to this group.

I am able to now login in to the domain from any of the client computers using either User A or User B credentials. All good!

Now I want to create a mapped drive on each client at login.

I have set up a new folder at this path D:\Shares\Data and have shared it under Sharing > Advanced Sharing with everyone (Full Control). Under Sharing > Share I have added MyUserGroup (Read & Write)

If I login into the client I can navigate the network to the server and then to this shared folder.

In Group Policy Manager I have created and linked a new GPO in the MyUsers folder called MappedUserDrives. Right click Edit then User Config > Preferences > Windows Settings > Drive Maps. Right click New > Mapped Drive and set it as follows:

Action = Update

Location = \Server01\Data

Drive Letter = Z

Show this Drive

Common Tab > Item Level Target = New Item > Security Group > set to MyUserGroup (User Group Radio Button Selected)

When I login in as a client User A I can see the mapped drive.

If I login on another computer as User B no shared drive, if I switch users to User A shared drive appears, if I then switch back to User B shared drive also appears.

If I try on another computer the same occurs, I did notice that when navigating to shared folder when logged in as User B I was asked to enter my credentials before I could view it – I entered User B credentials and could browse to it. I ran gpupdate but no drive appeared until I logged in as User A.

I now have drives showing on all 5 computers but I believe there is an error. I have now changed my GPO such that it deletes all drives and does not map any, however when I log in in as any user on any computer the mapped drives are still there!

Where have I gone wrong!?

Thanks in advance!

Reference: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/

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