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SUZUKI 4X4 Grand Nomade 2005 - in Kolumbien zu verkaufen (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Maxime MAGAR ⌂ @, Ecuador/Kolumbien, Mittwoch, 24. April 2019, 21:10 (vor 29 Tagen)

Dear traveler,

I am selling my 4X4 Suzuki car in Colombia. It's in a perfect condition and it drove me through South America during my 8-months-trip without any trouble. You'll find all details below:

*PRICE: EUR 3900*
*TIME OF SALE: May 2019*
*PLACE OF SALE: between Ecuador and Colombia (flexible)*

CAR MODEL: SUZUKI Grand Nomade (Grand Vitara) / SUV
YEAR: 2005
KILOMETERS: 145 000 km
MOTOR: 2.0 (gasoline)
GEARBOX: automatic transmission
EQUIPMENT: Bluetooth/MP3

IMPORTANT: it doesn't have any timing belt but a chain (so no need to change it)

Title transfer process: the car was bought in Chile so we would need to go together to a notary office to sign a contract of transfer. This would enable you to drive the car and cross the borders without any problems. To sell it back you would need to go to Chile to formalize the transfer.

Please contact me through WhatsApp for any further informations (+56 9 8290 4418)




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