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Nissan Ichi Van for sell in Mexico (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Dominik @, Sonntag, 21. April 2019, 20:04 (vor 32 Tagen)

Hi friends,

After one year travelling in Mexico with my belovrred Van Ichy, I'll return to Switzerland end of June / start of July. I bought her in Playa del Carmen/ Quintana Roo State from other travellers and drove with her to Monterrey in the very north. My plan is to return back to Playa del Carmen in the next 3 months and preferably sell her there (Any other place inbetween would also be possible)
Asking for 3000 USD

Van Specs:
Nissan Ichi Van 1990 / 1.8l / gasoline
Mexican plated (Yucatan)
approx 10l / 100km
122760km right now, approx 126000 at time of sale
Manual transmission, RWD (Surpising good offroad capabilities)
tinted windows (except front)
good sound system

- removable "kitchen", gas stove with 2 burners
- 5.7kg gas mexican gas bottle
- knifes, fork, spoon, cuttlery etc
- wok, pan, plates, bowls, cutting boards
- italian mokka coffee machine, thermos

- 2 fold up camping chairs
- machete
- second battery
- LED light
- fan for hotter climates
- 2 x water jerry can 20l
- 2 x camping / yoga mats
- coleman sleeping bag

foldable wooden construction, bed consists of 3 parts 8cm thick foam with blankets & duvet, 2 pillows. Total of 175x130cm

Car maintenance & spare parts:
- basic tools as screwdriver, tongs, ratched with nuts
- multimeter
- spare tire
- 2 sets of keys
- car jack
- spare coil, distrbutor spare parts (transformator & contact plate), spark plugs
- 20l jery can
- bypass cable, breakdown triangle, emergency flat tire fixer & inflater

Contact me for any questions, WhatsApp: +41787407200


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